Tabletop - 2 Step, one color highlights and shading. Most small details painted, limited color selections in large groups.  This quality is what most customers choose.  These paint jobs are meant to look great while in play on the table, and in most cases, look great while you inspect them as well.  The most affordable choice for groups as seen below.
Heroic - 2 Step, 2 or more color highlights and shading. Most small details painted, some wet blending and glazing.  For customers looking to have impressive results, this level of quality is meant to look great about 8-10 inches away from your face while inspecting them!  Looking great while in play, this level adds multi-level highlights and even more advanced painting techniques.
Display - 2 Step shading. Wet blending and glazing, 3 or more color highlights. All details shaded and highlighted.  The highest level available*(1) for standard commissions.
Wheeler - These are competition quality paint jobs with free-hand work, non-metallic metal and other advanced techniques available.  Prices determined project to project.  

All commissions are different and no two results are the same, however as seen above all three tiers on a basic Saurus warrior from Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar the difference between the different commission levels become clear. Basing is available for an additional fee.

Clients pay a 50% non-refundable deposit up front, the rest on completion and shipping both ways.  If you are unable to ship within 3 business days of booking a deposit (unless we discuss otherwise) any quoted delivery time is no longer set, delivery will be determined on arrival of the miniatures.

If you downgrade - upgrade - or otherwise make substantial changes to your commission, your delivery time is no longer set and will be determined on the additional changes being made.  An additional $100 Change Fee will be added due immediately to your commission.  This policy is to ensure my timing and booking procedure is not interrupted by changes in budget, etc, meaning please consider carefully your commitment to a certain price and project tier.


(*1) While "Display" quality is as high as quality available for groups, I can push details further upon request.

All prices below are show for groups of 10 or more miniatures - please message me for small groups or individual pricing.  Single miniature commission pricing is much different.

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